Physics is the study of matter and energy and the forces that affect them. Basic physical concepts such as light, electricity, and motion are covered. Laboratory work is a key component of this course. Physics is designed for students who intend to pursue a college major in the sciences, engineering, technological, or medical fields. This course fulfills the year requirement of physics as required for graduation.

Learning Objective

In physics we have been focusing on newtowns laws. As of right now we have been learning specifically about momentum or Newton's second law.


In my physics class we did a lab to achieve a stronger grasp on how exactly momentum works. In this lab we were given the objective of dropping an egg from a 2m drop and having the egg survive, we were to do this by manimpulating momentum. My group came to the decision of making a parachute for our egg and it worked perfectly because we slowed the amount of time the force acted upon it therefore force was decreased. I thought that this activity was exellent because it gave me a better understanding of how momentum can effect the things around me.