Economics is a semester course that is intended to give you a broad picture of how economic systems work. This course emphasizes critical thinking and a knowledge of your textbook material. In this class we work to further develop your decision making and problem solving skills through group discussions, writings, media, storytelling, speeches, performances, and alternative education experiences such as field trips, speakers, and virtual interviews.

Learning Objective

Recently in economics, we have been striving towards achieving a better understanding of the different kinds of economic systems and how decisions are made. Some examples of the differnet variations of economic systems out there are:command, market, mixed, and traditional.


An assignment that I thought gave me a broad understanding of our learning topic was an group activity we did in class where we assumed the position of a certain type of economy and made choices. The command economy was the economic system that my group was assigned to. This assignment allowed me to see through the perspective of a economic system so I excelled a better understanding on the subject.